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Event In A Tent

Established in 2010, Event in a Tent specialises in temporary structure hire for weddings, festivals, corporate events and private functions.

No More Digging

No More Digging

No More Digging who can provide them a turnkey foundation solution for our structures that ensures a strong and sustainable base to build on immediately, without hassle or mess.

Our New Quad Dome!

Our incredible Quad Dome is brand new to the UK market, and we couldn’t be more excited. The Quad dome was designed in Austria and we are excited to say we have the UK rights to these incredible structures. We knew we wanted to have the Quad Dome as part of our tent collection in Event in a Tent the minute we saw it (yes it really was love at first sight!) The way it is designed is fantastic – the ‘glulam’ timber beams are arranged in a similar way to our Geo dome and cleverly form together to make a square base, so you can make the most of a space. There are also integrated lighting options, so you can go for the spotlights in each node, or go for the LED strip lights which give an amazing futuristic look to the Dome.

The Quad is the perfect showstopper for any event, and also versatile. You can use it for any events purpose, from product launches, training programmes, to huge parties, festivals and weddings. They are also modular, so you can link more than one Quad together to create even larger spaces! Here’s a great photo of how it was used to create a ‘centre stage’ bar for a party a city setting!


We officially got our full stock of Quad Domes into the warehouse last week. We’ve now got a range of sizes from 5m x 5m to 10m x 10m. We already have a lot of interest and we are bringing the Quad Dome to some VERY exciting events this year which we will keep you posted about throughout the Summer!

Our domes are ready to go so you can get one of these for your event and we will guide you through each stage. The Quad Dome is also available to be sold – and can be purchased through our new website (Tent Hub).

Decking can be built in our in-house joinery workshop and installed.

with our foundations company RAPID FOUNDATIONS.